Lately I have had some problems with my Asus Zenpad 7, a strange message:

"Unfortunatly com.google.process.gapps was interrupted"

which doesn't stop appearing, my use of the tablet is now limited to what I can do in the miliseconds I have between messages.

I tried many things such as reinstalling Play Store and Google Services, cleaning cache and reactivating the download manager but nothing worked.

Therefore I decided to hard reset, in fact I clicked two options on the Restore Mode of Zenpad 7: Wipe Cache and Wipe Data/Factory Reset, but the messages keep appearing.

I have the tablet rooted using KingRoot, and it may be something I have done while playing with Play Store patches (don't know what, I was just seeing what Lucky Patcher had).

Any suggestions?

  • Tried flashing the firmware? I think something got corrupted flashing should solve this – esQmo_ May 26 '18 at 22:34
  • You are welcom. :) – esQmo_ Jun 11 '18 at 15:09

Well, sorry to the moderators if they have to do something but as I don't know how to finish this things when the answer is in the comments just to say I did like @esQmo_ said and flashed the firmware from asus page and everything ok.

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