The time bomb of YouTube's legacy versions has exploded:
The “later” button to postpone the update has disappeared. YouTube is copying WhatsApp's update mesh.

I really wish to keep using a legacy version of YouTube's Android application, but now, YouTube has pulled the plugs by hiding the “update later” button.

Why have they disabled it in first place?

The application would probably still work technically.

Advantages of YouTube's legacy versions:

  • Unlimited search history.
  • Exiting search does not require to reload the results of the previous search or viewed channel/playlist/feed/etc., which saves time and occasionally mobile data.
  • I still had search terms from 2015 because I never updated. Search history with capitalization saved.
  • Profile pictures with the shape of a square. Superior field of view.
  • Less minimalism, more border lines. (I personally dislike minimalism.)
    • Free from material design. (I do not hate material design, but the rounded corners look loose. Windows 10's flat design is OK becaubecause it looks still very angular. Although, I like the ripple animation of mterial design.).
  • Full numbers instead of rounded numbers (YouTube calls them “abbreviated numbers”. Toxic minimalism) for ratings, view counts and suscriber counts. Rounded numbers are too shallow. (“2M” looks shallow, while e.g. the number “2.021.435” looks vibrant and ultimately sexier than a digit with one letter behind it. Additionally, “2B” can be confused with 28 on the first sight, while a a long number such as 2.039.721.486 looks truly unmistakenably immersive.).
  • Ability to pre-open videos from loaded search results before Internet connection has been established, so that I do not need to open it when the connection has established.
  • Ability to pre-open search pages too. Pre-opening searches saves the search query into the search history, so that I do not forget searching it the next time I open YouTube's app. Like a tiny sticky note.

How do I keep using the legacy versions of YouTube?

I know MixerBox, but MixerBox has no search history and multi/pop-up window support.

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Google services framework does this. if you disable it, you get YouTube back, but google play can't load.

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