I have generated a list of about 300000 numbers with regex to a text file. I know all of them are valid (pattern I mean) and most of them (like 80%) are real numbers (from somebody). Now I want to import them to phone contact in NOX (the Android emulator), but the problem is if I use Google Contacts, it has a limit of 25000 numbers.

If anyone has an idea, it would be great.

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I think I solved it myself:

  1. I used MS Excel to change the format from TXT to CSV

  2. And then I used Contacts from Windows to import the CSV and then exported them to a folder that contains 300000 contacts of VCARD or VCF files. You can find it on C:\Users\USERNAME\Contacts

  3. And using CMD to export them all to ONE VCF

    copy *.vcf combined.vcf
  4. And then used ADB to connect to NOX

    $ adb connect 
    connected to 
    $ adb devices
    List of devices attached device
  5. Copying the combined file into NOX SD card

    $ adb push contacts.vcf /sdcard/contacts.vcf
    $ adb sync
  6. And then using the Contacts app from NOX to import the file from SD card.

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