How to run an app on startup in background? For example glasswire, kaspersky run in startup, as well as show in top In notification bar tray. I want to run Gom audio in background when start up & show up in tray automatically.


Probably the best way to auto-launch an application in the background (without UI explicitly) is using the am startservice -n command together with with applications such as Tasker and the like capable of registering a BOOT_COMPLETED signal.

Depending on the nature of the application (which may require root), you can set up this in Tasker:

Note: The application needs to have a defined service(s) declared in manifest.xml file

You can use Tasker (7 day trial available) to accomplish this:

Objective: Auto start a defined application in background after boot

Profile (or Trigger)

Create a Profile which allows triggering of the Task after boot:

  • Go to Profiles Tab and click "+"
  • Event → System → Device Boot
  • Tap back to exit from this window


You will notice as soon as you exit, you will be prompted to link this Profile to a Task;

  • Scroll all the way up the Task list select "New Task + "
  • You can name this Task AutoStart or anything.
  • Click "+" to add new Action
  • Code → Run shell → enter command start the activity (it can be the main activity of the app or certain parts e.g monitoring data in my example:

  • Using NetMonitor Mini (info.kfsoft.android.TrafficIndicatorPro) I may decide to auto start in background the data monitoring service, so in the command box I write: am startservice -n info.kfsoft.android.TrafficIndicatorPro/.TrafficMonitorService to start at boot.

  • If it needs needs root, remember to check the box accordingly.

  • Press back the way all back until you exit Tasker (your profile is now saved and is ready for execution)

Extras: Give Tasker more priority (allow auto-start for Tasker, exclude from battery optimisations, task killers etc)

Explanation: Soon after boot, the action starts the application in background)

  • is there alternative free/ adware app? – user165850 May 31 '18 at 5:38
  • Try with macrodroid.. – xavier_fakerat May 31 '18 at 16:26

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