I want to allow a certain application to run on background even in power saving mode (because I need timely notifications). I guess the only (?) way to do it on Android 7 is: Settings -> Device Maintenance -> Battery -> Unmonitored Apps -> Add app. But if I add the app there, I cannot check any more how much battery it's consuming! Which is very unfortunate, because if I let this app consume precious battery power, I want to know how much it consumes.

  1. Is there any good reason why is it designed this way? Seems kind of unfortunate to me but perhaps I don't have full picture. I had also other strange [problems with "Unmonitored apps"].(Cannot add gmail to unmonitored apps (battery usage) to get notifications in battery saving mode)
  2. Is there any possibility to monitor the App's battery usage while not restricting it in Power saving mode?

I have Android 7.0 on Samsung Galaxy S7.

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