I recently took my SD card out of my tablet, and put it into my laptop. However, there were gibberish files everywhere on the SD card. A few of them:

  • In the Alarms folder, there were two files: .fgbnm_uyivfqwpo.txt and .fgbnm_uyivfqwpo11.txt. They both contained nothing but the stirng rAa7m3BIebYuaNAiY2vVfbUMRvRym7Ym#1527480871.
  • In the DCIM folder, there were .redghj_jklqwpo.hgk and .redghj_jklqwpo11.hgk. They contained the same data as the files above.
  • In the Documents folder, there were iiy_pol_gthqwpo.mp3 and iiy_pol_gthqwpo11.mp3. They also contained the same data, and Windows Media Player encountered an error when playing it.
  • In the Downloads folder, there were .ertyui_opikqwpo.ziip, .ertyui_opikqwpo11.ziip, .y_androidqwpo.ziip, and .y_androidqwpo11.ziip. If I opened them as a .zip file, I got "Please insert the last disk of the multi-disk set" on all 4 files.
  • The Movies folder contained dgdf_configqwpo.con and dgdf_configqwpo11.con.
  • The Ringtones folder contained .ewsdf_oplkqwpo.kjl and .ewsdf_oplkqwpo11.kjl.

The only things in common between all these files is the contents (rAa7m3BIebYuaNAiY2vVfbUMRvRym7Ym#1527480871) and the ending before the file extension (wpo and wpo11).

Searching the files found this question (it's in French!) that just says they can be deleted.

What app is creating these files? Whatever it is I want to remove it immediately.

  • Did u recently install the app clean master??? May 31, 2018 at 0:42
  • No. I've too many bad things about it to install it.
    – Zackary
    May 31, 2018 at 0:47

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Here is the answer to your problem: These files come from installing applications from developers Cheetah Mobile. Delete the Cheetah Mobile app that you have installed and then delete these bogus files. Problem solved!

  • I had WhatsCall (Cheetah Mobile Cloud) installed, so I will see if uninstalling it fixes the problem.
    – Zackary
    May 31, 2018 at 1:18
  • I was worried too, googled and came to this thread. I uninstalled Photo Grid app developed by Cheetah then solved! Thanks Alfredo!
    – Mak
    May 31, 2018 at 22:47
  • It actually helped! They didn't start showing up until a recent update. Perhaps it was a device or advertising ID, and the developers spammed it all over the SD card to stop it from getting deleted. 😕
    – Zackary
    Jun 1, 2018 at 0:35
  • @Zackary that's it on the nail, tbh. Shame really, I used to love these guys. How the mighty have fallen....
    – Dan Brown
    Jun 1, 2018 at 21:21

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