With some hassle I updated the 2016 firmware on my Lenovo P2 to Android 7 (I think my carrier decided that their own app was more important than security updates).

Now that I wanted to put the TWRP recovery onto the phone instead of the stock one, I find out that the phone is encrypted, which it wasn't before. I have not asked for it (it appears Google does this by default now for Android 7) and I have never entered a password explicitly for encryption.

However, TWRP asks for a password for decryption purposes, I believe.

I use fingerprint/PIN as screen lock. This answer and others suggest it should be the PIN, however while that works fine for a normal startup of the phone, that doesn't work in TWRP.

How would I find or set the right password to use (doubting there is a default password!)?


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It turns out that there either is a bug in TWRP in that it won't accept a blank password (or that there is a default password in Android 7).

In either case, if I set the password under

Settings -> Security -> Screen lock -> [PIN] -> Password -> Require password to start device

(which I have never set before), then this password can be used in TWRP and must then also be used to unlock the phone instead of the PIN.

  • Sorry but that didn't work.
    – Pere
    Aug 8, 2018 at 11:47
  • There’s also a default password, often even “default_password”, but some manufacturers use a different one or even a completely different mechanism, so that the above doesn’t work and TWRP cannot decrypt.
    – caw
    Oct 7, 2020 at 19:27

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