I have an Android tablet in my car, and the volume it's volume is in the range on 0-30.
It is very low since the last tablet (not an android tablet) had a range of 0-60.

How can I raise the maximum volume to 60? Will I have to root the device?

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Maybe you can with root, but if understood correctly I think you're wrong in the basic of your question: A device has a maximum volume (which can or cannot be achieved regularly[1]) and the possible range is being split into a numbers range that will allow you to choose.

In your case, if you'll root and be able to change the range, it will do one of the following:

  1. Set every 1 current unit to two new units (like jumping in 0.5 each time).
  2. Split the volume control in another way so that it's not distributed evenly.

[1] Maybe it will be possible with root to increase the maximum volume by reducing the sound quality - but that's not what your question asks.

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