The Google Chrome browser on Android is making three entries in the browsing history when doing one Google search.

The first entry doesn't show any additional data on the search query concerning source of query.

The second to entries show the Android as a source of query.

Also we noticed while on the YouTube app that it took three times pressing the back button before the screen would actually go back to the menu. What is consistent in the YouTube app is the number three. As in "three times."

It may be that this behavior is consistent throughout the whole device.

Shortly after this happened with the YouTube app, we put the phone on lock and when we walked back to it and looked at it, the screen was on and it looked as if somebody else was using it. There were menus coming up and Pages being navigated. We didn't even touch it during this whole time. It was like somebody was remotely controlling it.

Then we locked the phone for a while and it took two times entering our unlock password before the phone unlocked, then we tried making a call and the first time we pressed the call button, the app suddenly closed. The second time, the phone call went through.

Same behavior as above except now it is two times. Same behavior on several different apps.

And then again later I was on the Chrome app and had to press three times on the search button for the search to be processed. Again the commonality is "3 times".

So a little bit later it took two times to enter my password to log into my phone and shortly after that I had to press the call button twice to be able to make a call go through. The first time I press the call button the app crashed.

So I started remembering to earlier today when I checked the APN settings for my cellular service.

APN page on the settings app.

So what happened earlier is that I checked the APN settings on this page and where you see the Verizon APN selected, earlier today the Verizon APN was not selected. Even though there was no other option.

So I reset the APN is back to the default and did a network reset and it seemed to fix it for a while.

Okay and then now I just went back and decided to look there again. As you can see the APN is selected so I went in and tried to edit the name of the APN. It took two times for the name change of the APN to process. The first time I change the APN name it didn't register.

There has been significant syncing issues on this phone.

128 tabs open!?

For instance we only have five tabs open on our device but Google is telling us that there's a hundred twenty eight tabs open on one of our devices.

So I know this question started with the Chrome app entering three entries into the history while doing one search.

So later are gone and added some further symptoms and what I've already tried to do about it thus far.

How do we fix this bug?

  • I don't understand why you believe your actions, if any, could resolve this. Report it as a bug to Google, if you are committed to do so. Wait for a fix. Use the app once resolved to your satisfaction. If the current app is unsatisfactory to you, find another in the meantime. – wbogacz Jun 4 '18 at 2:01
  • Oh okay thanks for the advice. How do I report it the bug to Google? – Eeshwar Das Jun 4 '18 at 2:42
  • @wbogacz it is also good advice to stop using that particular app, however after you made the comment, I noticed the same behavior on a different app. The behavior May be consistent throughout the whole Android device. Please note the additional information to the question. – Eeshwar Das Jun 4 '18 at 2:49
  • This is disingenuous to find us (probably through Google), and not know how to search. Use this query to find your best avenue. – wbogacz Jun 4 '18 at 12:29
  • @wbogacz Yes, the in app reporting tool is there. An app that has a bug may not be the most reliable app to use for getting the message through. In addition, Google doesn't respond to bug submissions through the in app reporting tool. Is there some external Google resource that a bug report can be made on? – Eeshwar Das Jun 5 '18 at 2:13

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