I want just a little: change interface of Chrome on my Mediapad T2 7.0 Pro (PLE-701L). Now it looks like smartphone version (picture at right side): enter image description here

But I want to change interface to tablet mode (picture at left). As I know there is special command for switching of interface.


  • Tablet: Mediapad T2 7.0 Pro (PLE-701L)
  • Resulution: 1200x1920
  • OS: Lolipop (5.1.1)
  • UI: EMUI 3.1
  • Chome: 66.0.3359.158
  • Root: doesn't exist.

You will need to change the DPI of your phone to accomplish it. But, the change will affect the whole system not just Chrome and may not be retained after a restart due to your device not been rooted.

adb shell wm density 600 (When I tested, 600 was the value that enabled the change of interface in Chrome).

For those who have newer version of Android, the DPI can be changed by going to Settings -> System -> Developer Option -> Smallest width.

Chrome's interface will change from phone to tablet.


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