Here is my problem: I merged all my Google and Facebook contacts in my contact list. When a contact has both a picture on Google and on Facebook, the picture from Google will be displayed. I don't know if this is the default behavior, or if this is because I merge the Facebook contact into the Google one (but I want to keep doing that, to prevent my contacts from changing their names). Is it possible (built-in option, or external app), to change this behavior and display the Facebook picture instead?

I have a Motorola Razr running Gingerbread.

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Try Contacts Dialer. That is the only dialer app that I found that offered Facebook support, seems reliable, and offers a ton of extra features and settings (that you'll actually use). I just started using it myself and it looks promising. The user interface is fantastic and very user friendly. I also just noticed that it does allow you to choose which picture you want to display. Hope this helps!

Note: You should consider opting for the full version too. It's only $2.90 and unlocks many features. Well worth in imho.

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