So I have an issue with Keeping the phone on. I guess I should break it down into charging vs pure Battery as I can sometimes do a poor job of explaining things properly. Note: the screen glue is worn off so I can easily remove the screen with my fingers, and most of the time w/case on one of the bottom corners will be sticking up.

Turning on when charging: Turns on like normal, but 8/10x phone will instantly turn off as soon as it reaches the lock screen. But since it's plugged in, instantly shows battery life screen w/no indication (supposedly) of battery charge loss.

After unplugging when turned on: Will shut off w/o warning at various battery levels. Started off only below 20%, now could have as high as 85% when it shuts off. When you plug it in to charge it shows no signs of a low battery

Turning on when using Pure Battery: Only gets to Galaxy logo then turns off.

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    This device is 5 years old and if it is the original battery you could try to change it, but to be honest, this sounds like an internal connection issue and probably something you can't fix. Have you considered just retiring it and getting a new(er) device? – acejavelin Jun 13 '18 at 14:05

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