Recently I bought an HTC U11. I thought to once plugged I would have expected Windows to get it installed but it didn't.

Actually I have about 0 experience on android and it got me pretty hours to look for a similar issue and I even found exactly mine described HERE (actually I did not understood anything about the only answer)

I'm not sure how to fix this... had installed HTC Sync Manager, ADB, enabled developer's options, USB debugging, Revoke USB debugging authorisations and regiven for file transfer, replugged but nothing seemed working. I did not installed Android Studio because I thought it was the same as to have ADB (but maybe I'm wrong).

On the other side, if plugged in any other computer either Windows or Linux, works perfectly at first plug.

I'm asking if anyone have ever had this kind of issue.

My laptop (if it could be of help): Windows 10 Pro N 64-bit (clear installation about one week ago) TUXEDO P95_HP (U3E1)

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