On my Galaxy s9, I have the setting "turn on Wi-Fi automatically" enabled. When I enter a known network, I get a notification where I am prompted if I want to connect to that network or not.

How is that automatic? Can I instead silently connect/disconnect to known Wi-Fi:s?

  • Are the Wifis that you get an the prompt for encrypted or unencrypted?
    – Robert
    Jun 16 '18 at 12:12
  • Encrypted. WPA2 PSK is what I read in the information of the last encountered access point. Jun 16 '18 at 12:14
  • I'd understand that for "unknown networks" (which my now deleted answer was targeting), but agree for known networks it should connect automatically. But no idea what Samsung is doing there.
    – Izzy
    Jun 16 '18 at 19:45

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