Why some of my android apps doesn't work on Wifi when all other apps work fine.

And these apps work on Mobile Data but not on my Home wifi.

These apps work when I switch 'Airplane Mode - On' and turn On my Wifi


  1. Have tried searching this on XDA forum
  2. Tried Static IP instead of DHCP
  3. Setting my time and date manually
  4. Checked my App Data Usage (for specific app) - 1.66Mb over Wifi & 11.02Mb over Mobile data
  5. Tried my Wifi password twice, tried rebooting my phone twice.
  6. Tried App Restrictions & Storage Permissions
  7. Turned Power Saving Mode - Off


My app is in Testing phase - Loading Bitmaps

My Phone is Coolpad3600I ver: 6.0.1

Couldn't understand this weird problem. Need help.

  • Didi you check the Logcat and troubleshoot the app?
    – esQmo_
    Commented Jun 20, 2018 at 9:37
  • Thanks @esQmo_ I forgot to mention, when I tested it on other phone Huawei 4.4.2 wifi was working fine, and it was loading the bitmaps as expected. Logcat was showing lot of messages since I was using Firebase to load bitmaps, nothing was shown which was wifi or data related - so I was quite sure, the problem is device specific. Commented Jun 21, 2018 at 2:36

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After a lot of research yesterday, I found my project was lacking few crucial steps for loading bitmaps

  • Caching of bitmaps was not properly implemented because of which I was getting Out of Memory errors
  • I was also getting Android Support Disable plugin error after every few minutes
  • Android Profile Analyzer was showing lot of irrelevant threads which was consuming memory

Since, I didn't have much time to look in every file of my code. I modified my sluggish code and imported Android Bitmap Sample code from the library.

Most of the common errors of Wifi, caching of bitmaps & Disable Plugin errors were taken care.

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