I am having a problem connecting to my university Eduroam WiFi.

If I understand correctly, in CA certificate I am supposed to select CA certificate if it is there or Use system certificate and input my university domain.

But, I only have: Select certificate or Don't validate. And if I click Select certificate, nothing is changing, there is not a Domain field appearing like I think it should (and where I could the domain name) (see screenshot).

enter image description here

Can you help?


I solved this problem at my university (not Eduroam) by installing a CA certificate in Android (8). It then becomes a choice in the CA Certificate menu and you can sign in.

Hopefully, you can find out from the IT people where is the CA Certificate to download to your Android.

I think choosing "Don't validate" is unwise, and that's actually what many university IT web sites advise (Google finds the instructions easily).

Edit: for Eduroam, there's an app that reportedly solves the problem for Android 8.

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