I'm connecting to my Android's hotspot. I see that the IP is, so any ip in 192.168.43.X would be reserved for Android's DHCP server. But I need the machine that connects to Android's hotspot to have a static IP. I would have multiple Android hotspots connected to my machine using different WiFi nic cards. How would I set the static IPs in order to prevent any conflicts?

Edit: This question asks how to configure the DHCP settings of Android How configure the DHCP settings of WIFI Tethering(Hotspot) in android I don't want to change DHCP settings, but I want to modify DHCP settings, but I want to set a static IP


I can not ad a comment with my reputation, it seems to be solved there How can I permanently assign a static IP address to Wi-Fi or USB tether clients?enter link description here. Should i copy the answer over? I am new here.

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