I am a Linux user, but only a beginner at dealing with android on a tablet.

I have an old Asus Transformer Pad TF300T. It is running android 4.2.1 (which means Jelly Bean according to wikipedia), since Jelly Bean is from V4.1 to V4.3.1.

The Play Store was not working correctly, and I followed some advice to have it reinstalled which lead me to a situation where I no longer have a Play Store. The advice was bad, or I was inept. I still have the other Google Apps.

Searching the web, it seems I need to install a Jelly Bean Version of the Play Store such as version 3.7.11, using an APK for it.

I do not know whether I got my informatin right regarding versions, and I would appreciate any wise comment.

Also I do not know of any safe place where to find the right APK for download. I would expect it to be on one the standard android sites, such as androidpolice.com or androidfilehost.com. But I do not seem to be very good at finding it. Help please.

I did read How can I install the Google Apps Package (Play Store, ...) on my Android device? but it is very general. I have a tablet, not a phone, so I guess there is no need for rooting. Actually this post seems more concerned with phones (for what little I understand).

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