When i turned on wi-fi something unknown uses data rapidly..I use android version 4.4.2 ..Can't find anything that uses data, I did a virus scan, and removed all unknown apps also,and there are just a few apps,I've installed..Does it use by the OS or other thing,I tried to run only with mobile data but some apps ask for wi-fi..How can stop this unknown data usage, without turning off wi-fi..

  • Go to settings -> Wireless & networks -> Data usage. Here you can check detailed data used by each app. Did you check the statics there? – Chandrani Chatterjee Jun 27 '18 at 6:41
  • yes now i checked it..According to that these apps use the data..Android os,downloads,media storage ,download manager...Then i cleared cash and data of those apps, but they still use data,don't know any reason..OS is also up to date.. – madhawavish Jun 27 '18 at 21:03

Yes i found the answer.. settings-> about phone -> tap build number for few times(that enables developer tools..)

settings -> developer tools -> background processes limit -> no background process

that's all..Now data usage while phone is idle is 0..

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