I'm using an xperia z3 and used file commander to browse and found that i kept running out of space because of a 4gb thumbnail/preview file/folder that grows rather quickly. I tried deleting the folder but after deleting the folder I saw that no space was freed and it was still there. So I tried moving the folder to my SD csrd which resulted in 4gb of space taken up on my SD card and no space freed. I dont think I can find the thumbnail previee folder anymore but I think new files are building up because I'm running oit of space again. Does anyone know whats going on?.


Thumbnail folder is automatically created by android. It helps android to open pictures from gallery in a faster way. Even if you delete the folder, android keeps on recreating it.

Although there is a work around it. You can create a text file and save it with extension .thumbnail. Now replace .thumbnail folder with .thumbnail file.

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