I have a galaxy s7 bought from uae.I need to enable volte services for reliance jio in india. It was having android noughat 7.0 uae version. I tried to install indian version noughat 7.0 which gave me an error of "SW VER CHECKFAIL....... "

after googling a lot i understood that boatloader cant be downgraded to previous version. unfortunately i think the latest indian version is far behind the uae version.

So i just omitted BL file while odin installation and flashed the rom. Then i dont have imei and mobile network became unusable.

Now i flashed latest Malaysia version oreo (android 8). But still volte is not working.. Any idea whats happening...?

  • try to insert sim in Sim1 slot – Shakeer Mirza Jun 28 '18 at 10:58

Samsung Galaxy s7 is an LTE device and not VoLTE. But if you still want to make voice calls over LTE, you can download jio 4G voice app from https://www.jio.com/en-in/apps/jio-4g-voice .

It is very user friendly app,still in its beta phase. But it lets you enjoy all the features of VoLTE while you are in LTE.

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