It has been a month since I am facing slow internet connectivity issues on my samsung galaxy J7prime even on jio4g data plan. I contacted Jio helpline twice and they said they 'll try to rectify if there's any problem. But to no avail. Other ppl in my area have no problem with jio connectivity. So, I believe that the problem is with my phone,but cant find out where exactly. I have tried almost all solutions given on the internet. I also did a factory data reset. It increased internet speed a little but not significantly. Earlier it was nearly 128 kbps now its 220 or something. Also i need to refresh my mobile data very often to catch a little speed but it again slows down in a minute or two. I am really frustrated. Please help me out here.


Maybe these are the reason behind your phone's slow speed check this:

  1. Update the J7 firmware.
  2. Internet cache is corrupted or full.
  3. Network congestion or too many users of the network.
  4. Exceeded data speed limit or speed reduction is reached.
  5. Outdated browser software or browser software requires an update.
  • Yesterday i did a factory data reset on my phone so i guess the cache has already been cleared. Also, i purchased this phone recently. Do i still need to update the firmware? – mhk_sngr Jun 30 '18 at 12:49

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