A while ago I flashed the Official G4 AOSCP Rom to my LG G4 H811, which already had an unlocked bootloader and TWRP. All was well for a couple of days, until I rebooted it for the first time. It then got stuck in a bootloop. I had to restore to a stock backup via either LGUP or some other LG uploader, after which I was back to stock marshmallow with TWRP. I have since learned that OTA and TWRP do not mix, and I do remember that there was an update available at the time, but I didn't install it. Now I am considering trying AOSCP again, or at least changing to a stock no-carrier rom, because I have the TMO version and it has tons of bloatware. However, I am worried that the same thing could happen again, and was wondering how I can prevent it. Is it possible that the OTA update had been downloaded and scheduled for install before I installed AOSCP and then auto installed after I installed it, causing the bootloop? Thanks!

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