I'm newbie and experimenting,like the title said i wanted to use youtube-dl with aria2

So this is my youtube-dl config

--cache-dir /sdcard/Download 


--external-downloader "aria2c"

--external-downloader-args "--dir=/sdcard/Download --split=16 --max-connection-per-server=16 --min-split-size=1M --continue=true"

--merge-output-format "mkv"


-f "bestvideo[width=1280][fps>=30][vcodec=vp9]+bestaudio[acodec=opus]/bestvideo[width=1280][fps>=30]+bestaudio"

The thing is when i try to download https://youtu.be/kUd9act5EP4 (pewd's new video) around 141mb(avc1 with opus audio) and 112mb(vp9 with opus audio) its downloaded with aria2 but when I try to download https://youtu.be/FKhtrdd6p4Q (random lengthy video) around 764mb(avc1 with aac audio)its downloaded without aria2(idk what its downloaded with(native termux downloader?)).

So what is my error in this?(I have attached a screenshot)

Oh and one more thing,how to change youtube-dl download location?enter image description hereenter image description here

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    Are you sure this is a purely Android-related question? As Termux emulates a Linux environment, this issue should be fully reproducible in a Linux machine, therefore Android-independent. – Grimoire Jul 3 '18 at 13:39
  • If you ask sure or no,then nope,I don't have linux machine in the first place,hence this is termux problem on android...I think,I mean I just try this in my android phone.I'm new to this,and just read the manual and my config should work based on my reading. – Calendar Jul 3 '18 at 14:52
  • But yeah if its like you said then where should I ask this? – Calendar Jul 3 '18 at 14:58

Ah after more reading it seems that aria2 does not support segmented DASH.


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