I recently rooted my phone so that I could use AFWALL+ to disable Background & Foreground Data Usage for everything except the Browser, and it is working fine for all apps except for a package named 'Android OS'

When I look in the Settings → Data Usage , I see it has used 57 MB in the past 4 days, to know for sure I reseted Data Usage Stats by deleting files in /data/system/netstats and then rebooting, it completely cleared all Data Usage Stats, Starting at 0.00 bytes, I turned on Mobile Data, immediately 'Android OS' starting showing Data Usage.

How can I disable Background Data Usage for Android OS? Is this an App, or a Daemon? It doesn't seem to follow IP Tables Ruleset.

UPDATE I have tried the same on Galaxy S-8, Data Usage gets disabled for everything accept 'Android OS'. Using Lightening Firewall(Xposed Framework) dosen't work either.

  • You should check what servers are connected - e.g using a tool like Net Monitor. But I assume that there are a lot of Samsung system apps installed performing all the traffic. Your device is pretty old - I would suggest to install Lineage instead. This will kill all the unnecessary Samsung apps and definitely reduce the mobile data usage - plus you get a recent Android version. – Robert Jul 5 '18 at 17:17
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  • I have removed everything with samsung on it using system app remover, but no luck, 'Android OS' is still using up data. – Martin12 Jul 6 '18 at 4:58

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