I'm using a Doogee S60, on Android 7.0 Nougat, rooted, with Xposed and GravityBox installed. I'm seeing this weird issue where my status bar has a non-standard battery icon, and I can't seem to either hide it or find out where it's coming from.

Turning off the battery icon in the GravityBox tweaks just moves the signal icon closer to the point where it starts to overlap with the battery icon. If I select a different battery icon, it just adds it overlapping.

In addition, if I open an app that makes the status bar background white, the battery icon colour doesn't change with the rest, making it mostly invisible.

I've looked in all the settings I can think of/find (including System Settings, System UI Tuner, GravityBox, and my launcher settings), and have no idea how to get rid of this. I just want the stock battery icon, or failing that, add a custom one. Either way, I want this battery icon gone.

Does anybody have any ideas about this?

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The answer lies in build.prop!

All credit for this goes to Nephiel on XDA-Developers (this post, specifically).

The Doogee S60 has the setting battery_view_land_show, which is defaulted to yes. On a rooted phone, this setting can be changed easily using BuildProp Editor. Set the value to no, reboot the phone, et voila! Back to the standard battery icon, and all expected behavior from GravityBox and such!

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