My Samsung S7 is seriously overheated. Battery is being consumed super quickly. I need to see a simple list of applications with percentage of CPU usage. I am desperate because all attempts and advices from Internet failed :( I tried:

  • use top command on termux. Doesn't work. Shows only 2 processes with 0% CPU usage.
  • activate the developer mode and go to Running services. There is no CPU usage whatsoever! Only RAM usage.
  • I tried to install several recommended apps like Simple System Monitor (doesn't show the actual CPU usage of app), Legacy OS Monitor (same problem as the top command), System Info for Android (only shows itself in the task list!)

I don't get it. Why is it so difficult to do such an easy thing? I remember it was sooo easy on Androd 2.3!

I have Android 8.0.0. Thanks in advance for help!



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