As far as I know, there is no support for flashlight while we are chatting via video call in a smartphone. Why it is not present? Is there any hardware limitation? Can someone explain?

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As of now, Android doesn't provide any option to enable flashlight during video calls.

Examples for iPhone and Blackberry are here.

The Mi forum question "How can i turn on front flash during video call - Redmi Y1 - Mi" says option #3 works. Another thread "[Q & A] How to start Selfy Light During Video Call????" claims it's a known problem and that you can fix it by resetting your phone and not enabling Face Unlock.

There's no reason the light shouldn't work and you can stand near a white wall or reflective surface to get enough light at night to make a video call. If you edit your question to include a specific phone model we may find a specific set of instructions for your phone.

If nothing works you can get around it by purchasing a "Phone USB Light":



  • I am using Redmi Y1. Also I have tried in Lenovo K8 Plus. No good results.
    – CNA
    Jul 7, 2018 at 7:32
  • @Dhans - Thanks for your reply. I've updated my answer with a couple of forum threads which seem to disagree on the answer. I've also added a guaranteed to work solution which costs between a few and 10 bucks depending on which model and where you buy it. If nothing works a USB LED will, maybe better and brighter - LEDs use very little power but it will affect 'Talk Time', as does video calling over SMS. I hope one of these can work for you.
    – Rob
    Jul 7, 2018 at 8:32

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