I am currently using an unrooted Huaweii LYO-LO1 and I am trying to change my mac address using Andriod Terminal Emulator. I found a website that told me to find out things like my current MAC address and I did all that. The last part told me to type the command:

"ip link set AAAA address XX:XX:XX:YY:YY:YY"

I did that by typing "ip link set wlan0 address 84:9F:B5:0A:95:1F" but the output said

/system/bin/sh: ip link set wlan0 address 84:9F:B5:0A:95:1F: not found

I tried reinstalling the app, rebooting my computer, everything but it's the same result. Still the same MAC address. Anybody know the solution?


Don't type the double inverted commas ("") around the command. The command should be

ip link set wlan0 address 84:9F:B5:0A:95:1F

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