I upgraded to Oreo about a week ago and I've noticed that all my apps' alerts now sound like my SMS alert.

This means that I either get constantly bothered by unimportant notifications (It's your turn in a game!, etc.), or I miss important notifications like most SMSs, because now now unimportant and important notifications sound the same.

With the new notification channels I can set a custom sound manually, but the last thing I want to do is customise every single notification on my phone, and I also don't know where the sound files are for the original sounds. It's just too much work.

How can I get Oreo to behave like Nougat in this regard?

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Maybe not the best solution, but set the SMS channel notification sound as something different instead of customising for each app?


You may use Ultimate Notification Control in Gravity Bx with Xposed Framework. You can set per app vibrations and notification sounds there.

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