tl:dr - despite repeatedly choosing the "no thanks" option, my phone keeps displaying notifications to setup voice unlock. I Say "no" - as far as I know it is not enabled - but an hour later it asks me again.

How can I disable this feature permanently. (re-asking me to setup voice notifications).

Phone is Sony Xperia XA1 running Android 8.0.0


Starting yesterday, I got a notification saying "Unlock with your voice" - "Unlock your phone by saying "Ok Google". (screenshots at the bottom of the question)

Now, being a privacy conscious tin-foil hat wearing type - I do not want my phone to ever be listening to me for voice commands. No problem, I tap the notification - and another page comes up with a description, and two options: "No Thanks" and "I agree". I choose, "no thanks". The phone seems to be content with my decision. But.... an hour or so later, the notification returns. It's happened about 3 or 4 times now.



Notification bar with voice unlock notification

No Thanks option page:

Settings page for voice unlock with No Thanks option


Remove Google Now Launcher (discontinued) from the homescreen and disable Google from Settings > Apps > Apps List.

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