I'm trying to get pictures off of an old S4 I was using temporarily, which the wifi does not work on anymore, and it never had a sim card. I've linked the USB to a computer and found that the USB option is faded (unclickable). Is there any way around this, or any other way I can transfer my pictures? Bluetooth hasn't worked either. Since I don't have wifi or any connections to this phone, I can't download any apps that may help.

  • Confirm that the USB cable you are using is for data and not just power either by using a different phone and confirming that you are able to copy files to/from PC. – Morrison Chang Jul 15 '18 at 0:22

I don't know what the USB option faded is. However I am pretty sure there is a way.

  • Put an SD card into the phone. Copy there and extract the SD card.
  • OTG cable and just plug in a USB flash drive.
  • USB file sharing on newer devices is disabled by default. How to turn it on depends on the device. Some show a notification when connected via USB from there there are two messages. One to trust the PC and another to select what USB profile to use.
  • Enable USB debugging and download adb (Android development bridge). With that files can be moved in or out.
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