• Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Phone has been in daily service with the same carrier for 2.5 years using CyanogenMod 11 (KitKat), no issues
  • Phone has been recently updated to SynergyCM13 (Marshmallow)
  • Since the update, AudioFX crashes while using a specific app. AudioFX has been uninstalled, problem went away
  • Phone calls sometimes do not have audio (I can't hear the ringing sound before they pickup, and I can't hear them picking up), problem persists

Attempted fix

  • Based on this link, I suspected it was the Google Assistant/Google Now, so I disabled the app, no change

  • Uninstalled the Google Phone app (version 2.21) and installed a more recent version (version 18), problem persists


  1. Given that I've had 2 separate issues with this ROM, am I looking at an issue with the ROM (corrupted download and bad flash?)
  2. If not, is it a separate issue? Should I try a different Phone app? Could it be a driver problem given there are dozens of Galaxy S4 variants?


Other occasional and intermittent issues have appeared:

  • auto-rotate sometimes doen't work
  • rotating the phone sometimes messes up the keyboard (it doesn't resize to the new size)
  • rotating the phone gives the messenging app a hard time displaying things (texts get overlapped)
  • Can no longer USB tether to head unit to stream music

This to me suggests something is wrong with the ROM, either:

  • the download was corrupted
  • the flashing process got corrupted

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