I have working Wi-Fi connection. I can connect to any access point in range and I have no problems with passwords, etc.

But after some time (sometimes hours, sometimes days) my phone tries to connect to access point and it fails. In Wi-Fi settings I just have "Błąd" message which in English means "Error". Then I cannot connect to any network, I'm not eve able to scan available networks - Wi-Fi is totally dead.

When I reboot phone it starts to working normally again.

My phone specs:

Samsung Galaxy 5
Android 2.2 - FROYO.XWJQ3

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I performed two steps to fix the issue:

  1. Settings -> Wireless & network settings -> Wi-Fi settings -> click menu button and select Advanced, Select Wi-Fi sleep policy - > Select Never.

  2. Dial *#*#526#*#* for WLAN Diagnostics. This will reload the Wi-Fi driver (I tried this before without step 1 and it rebooted my mobile).

  • Thanks for answer. I recently stopped to use wifi because my operator has cheap mobile Internet prices. I will check Your solution in future. Jun 3, 2013 at 13:04

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