Gmail on Chrome on Lollipop (unread in bold messages are fine):

enter image description here

Gmail on Chrome on Nougat (unread in bold messages looks thin):

enter image description here

As you can see in the second image, the unread message is thinner than the first image. It's probably on bold too, just not as bold as the first image.

Anyone knows how to fix this on Nougat?

Update: This appears to be due to the default font used by Chrome on Nougat. Any ideas how to change that? Changing the Android system fonts didn't affect Chrome.

  • well that will work but I want to use the mobile version – IMB Jul 16 '18 at 15:02
  • Chrome Settings > Accessibility> Text scaling - see if that helps – beeshyams Jul 16 '18 at 15:07
  • @beeshyams I don't see "change visiblity" in the settings – IMB Jul 16 '18 at 15:11
  • You can also try typing chrome://flags and in the search bar reader-mode. You can try changing those settings , if it helps – beeshyams Jul 16 '18 at 15:20
  • @beeshyams Text scaling doesn't help and I don't see any relevant setting in chrome://flags. For now I am using Firefox which renders the bold fonts perfectly. – IMB Jul 16 '18 at 15:43

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