I have an sm-a500fu 2015 and I've been tinkering with it for the last few months, custom recovery and root.

I've found a ROM port for it which I want to install and the latest version is for the ROM is for a model a5ultexx. The previous versions of the ROM explicitly say a500fu but the latest says a5ultexx. Does this mean my a500fu is compatible, or that all a5 models are compatible?

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a500fu or a5ultexx are codenames, but not necessarily ones given by the manufacturer. ROM maintainers will determine a suitable codename representative of the device in the bringup process, and that codename can change during the device's life cycle (in another answer of mine, I described a similar change to another device).

For recent Samsung devices there's an undocumented (AFAIK) pattern in the codenames. Take your device for example:

a5ultexx = SM-A500FU

  • a5 is obviously Galaxy A5
  • u for sub-variant, the "U" in "A500FU" - this part is rarely seen
  • lte for LTE variants, versus wifi for WiFi-only tablets, or 3g for 3G variants.
  • xx for general region/carrier, in this case, for international devices, the "F" in "A500FU".

As you can see the 2 expressions point to the same device, so yours is compatible.

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