By the time you add a new google account it adds the contacts already and you have to uncheck the option but its too late. Its running lollipop


That's almost a chicken-and-egg problem: you cannot disable sync before the data are already gone, and you cannot create the new account offline to prevent this. But there are two apporaches which should work:

  1. create the account and turn sync off before you save any contacts/calendars (not always possible; I assume you are speaking of an additionbal account while already using the device for a while)
  2. have your contacts/calendar data in a separate calendar/addressbook which is not synced. To achieve this,
    • either use the "device only" storage (if your device offers that)
    • there's e.g. offline calendar for calendar. And there's DAVDroid (and probably other DAV-based sync tools) creating its own calendar and contact storage.

You should then make this other storage the "default storage" so that, whenever you add a contact/calendar entry, it will be saved there. Now you'd also need to move your data over to the new storage. For contacts, you could e.g. export them to a .vcf file (the contacts app offers that), then delete them all, then import the .vcf into the "other address book". For calendars, there's no such export possibility, unfortunately, though the .ical format could take care for that.

The easiest way of course would be not to create a Google account …

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