Can someone help me on how to use my phone or new tablet as a hotspot, so I can connect my old tablet? (using either my phone, or new tablet) I just found my old Tablet, a Galaxy Tab E. An old guy would really appreciate it.

  • Please mention your Android version by edit in your question also details of your phone – beeshyams Jul 20 '18 at 11:14

Options for mobile hotspot/tethering are usually found under Wireless & Networks section in Settings.

Depending on your target device you may need to navigate to:

Settings → Wireless & Networks → Personal hotspot (or Tethering & portable hotspot)

Alternatively, recent versions of Android allow you to search a particular setting that is "hidden" you can use the keyword "hotspot" or "tethering" to get to the required screen, thereafter simply toggle to activate the hotspot (you may need to configure the hotspot setting first).

enter image description here

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