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Problem is that the triple dot dropdown menu isn't there. I have an icon that looks like a new email message and one that looks like a compass needle. I've searched the settings for "censor" and "block" and there are no results.

How do I stop it from turning "fuck" into "f***" in Android 7? LG G5


The LG rebel 3 running Android nougat 7.0 there are a couple of paths to the Block offensive words toggle.

First it spelled f*** missing the k but then I manually typed in the word. When I tried by voice after that it was spelled properly and fully. The path's to the Block offensive words toggle are:

  1. /Language & Keyboard --> Google voice typing --> Block Offensive words toggle.
  2. /Google services --> Search, Assistant, Voice --> Voice --> Block offensive words toggle.
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    In Android 8 this is in General -> Apps & Notifications -> Default apps -> Assist & voice input -> Assist app (gear) -> Block Offensive words (toggle) (updated my phone since posting this) – jcollum Jan 8 at 1:11

On Android 7.1.2, I go to:

  • Settings
  • Language and Keyboard
  • Keyboard and Input Methods / Google Voice Typing

"Block offensive words" is 2nd from the bottom. I've tried toggling it successfully. This works for me when I use Google Keep.

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