I mainly just used it for NFC pay and messing around with bixby/google assistant for like max 10/15mins. Samsung power saving mode has been on the entire time. I haven't had a new phone for a long time so i'm not sure what to expect is this normal?

When it says 10 hours of battery life on the settings without power saving mode on i presumed not using it would warrant mainly a 10% to 15% only battery loss. It seems i will have to keep frequently charged throughout the day if it's like this.

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    "Is this normal?" Maybe... there are many factors involved here, none of which are addressed in your question. Look at your battery statistics and see what has been drawing power. Also, an app like GSAM Battery Monitor could point out what is using the battery. Without knowing what is using the battery, it is almost impossible to say if it is "normal" or not. – acejavelin Jul 23 '18 at 20:17

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