I tried


I also tried


but that seems to be the same thing

and the google page tells me to go to device manager and "other devices", I turned USB debugging on and that helped as then it showed under Other Devices.

It says MTP

enter image description here

So I went to settings..developer tools..usb configuration, and I switched it from MTP to PTP but it still sees MTP in device manager.

Is there some option I should be choosing that I haven't chosen yet?


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On Android 11, when you connect your device to your PC, assuming that USB debugging is already enabled, you will get a notification where it says what USB connection type is currently active. Tap on the notification. A menu should open where you can pick a USB connection type (MTP, PTP etc.). Pick "No file transfer" and try installing the Google USB Driver again. Use the Device Manager, find your Android device, right-click, update drivers, select my own and select the folder where the Google USB Driver for Windows is located.

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