Hello I am new here and I have phone android mark ZTE model Z835 and I would like update but I dont know if my phone support tha update.

details about my phone:

  • model: Z835
  • Android version: 7.1.1

    if you need more information about my phone could you comment bellow and I give you more information.

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    If the update is offered for your phone, why shouldn't it be supported? If it's not offered for your device you cannot update anyway (there's no such thing as a "generic Android image/install", so it must always be specifically made for the device to be used on). That considered, what remains of your question then? – Izzy Jul 27 '18 at 6:42
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    from this link it shows latest android as 7.1.1 by AT&T released in Jan 2018. I don't know more about this device and other service providers. att.com/devicehowto/tutorial.html#!/stepbystep/id/… – Rahul Gopi Jul 27 '18 at 8:29

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