I have an Alcatel-4060A mobile and the internal storage is forever full. I only have two games and maybe 4 pics downloaded. Since I buy an 8 GB sd card. It only lets me download 4 apps on sd . Also says I'VE still got 7.28GB free on sd card. Won't let me download anymore apps. Please Help!

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From the settings you will have to go to storage settings and then you will have to enable the sd card storage which would probably allow you to install all the apps and other downloads easily on sd card nd I would also prefer to buy an card with larger space in it.


You should check if there is an option "format sd-card as internal" or similar. If you enable it the storage of your device and the sd-card will be joined.

WARNING: One you format your sd-card as internal memory you will no longer be able to remove or replace the sd-card. Removing the sd-card will cause a (complete) data loss!

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