My phone has 32GB internal storage and 128GB external (SD-card). Internal has 20GB to use for data and apps, of which 19GB is used. TomTom Go uses 6GB of internal storage. I can't move it to external storage.

I've heard that with Android 8 you can merge internal and external storage, but it needs a complete reset of the phone, removing all apps, data and settings. I'm prepared to do this, but I can't find the proper manual how to do this.

I got this phone with Android 7, then upgraded to 8.0 and I heard that when you start out with 8 it is the default setting. So is resetting enough?

Now what happens when my SD-card crashes? It has happened before. The SD-card is gone of course, but what will happen to the phone? What happens when I eject the SD-card? Does Android keep the base system safe, so most important apps on the internal storage?

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    That was in fact introduced with Android 6 and is called adoptable storage. Please take a look at our adoptable-storage tag-wiki to make yourself familiar with this. AFAIK it does NOT require a complete reset. – Izzy Aug 1 '18 at 21:15

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