I have an Android device (Yuntab K107, Android 5.1, rooted w/SuperSU) that was working perfectly - until now. For some reason, the touchscreen will respond just fine for 6 seconds and then freeze for 8. In better detail (with a touchscreen test I did through Dev Tools > Pointer Location):

For 5 seconds, the touchscreen works just fine. Then, it stops working for a really small amount of time (1/8 second?), before working just fine again for a second. Then, it freezes for 8 seconds (the last taps are still being shown on the touch input data) and repeats that cycle.

I've tried a few methods to fix it (like rebooting), but nothing seems to work.

I also did not drop my device at the time this unusual behavior started.

Is it possible to know what caused this issue?

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