because i have a small business I get lots of calls, but sometimes I want a day off... so on these days I would like to be able to forward all my calls to my office, BUT allow ONLY my office number to call me in case of an emergency...

so how can I forward all incoming calls to my phone, but exempt a single number so as to allow it to be able to ring thru to my phone?

does the phone have this capability, or is it possible with an app? Thanks

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For starters, call forwarding happens at your service provider, not at your phone. For most services, to forward calls that you don’t answer, first dial *71+the 10-digit number to forward calls to. To turn off call forwarding dial *73.

Now, step two. Do a search on the play store for “white list”. There are a number of apps that will only allow the numbers that you have entered into the white list. In theory, all others will get forwarded. I haven’t tested it but it should work. Good Luck.

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