I have a problem with my Huawei Ascend P7

The cell phone connects perfectly to WiFi but I have several problems related to this:

  1. Repeatedly asks me to "Log in WiFi network".
  2. Certainly, it connects to the internet, but only for a few moments, the speed of the connection goes down until it is constantly lost (for long periods of time).

EDIT: Well, I tried connecting in my cousin's WiFi and worked, now I know that the issue happens only in my WiFi

Important data:

  1. This problem does not happen when I connect to a HotSpot, or a public network (which asks me to login)
  2. My router works perfectly.
  3. Update the ROM (officially) to Lollipop 5.1.1

"Strange" things that happen in this case

  1. The notification of "start session in wifi network" appears for a few seconds, and then disappears.

Once I was able to open the notification, I could even "log in" to my Wi-Fi network with Google Sites, but nothing happened

  1. The problem suddenly appeared, I do not know when it happened.

I tried:

  1. Change to static IP.
  2. Check the "Wireless" section of my router
  3. Reset my phone.
  4. Wipe data

I hope to find help to solve this problem, this is the only phone that I will have for a long time (that's why I updated it)

Of course, thank you.

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Check to see if wifi service is actually an app called tispy .. It hides under the name wifi service

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