Vibrant support was dropped from CyanogenMod after 7.1 (Gingerbread) due to issues with failed 911 calls. I flashed 7.1 a bit before this was made known, and have since reverted to my stock-based ROM. This is obviously a bit concerning and I have a few remaining questions:

  • Did flashing CM damage anything? (I.e., will emergency calls work now that I'm on a different ROM?)
  • Can this happen with stock-based ROMs?
  • Was it all emergency calls, or just 911?
  • Is it related to Gingerbread?
  • Has it been fixed in CM? I've seen a few things both ways.

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The official announcement on the CM forums states:

  • The issue was in the RIL code, which is just typical code and libraries packaged in the ROM (e.g. /system/lib/libril.so, for example). The CM team recommended installing a Samsung ROM noting that any Samsung ROM is fine and any AOSP ROM would have issues. There's no permanent damage since the RIL code was replaced when you reflashed.
  • They specifically cited the issue was related to closed-source RIL code, so this wouldn't happen with a stock ROM unless Samsung severely borked their RIL code.
  • Only 911 was listed as a problem, but I don't know (and neither have the CM team ever stated) if other emergency numbers were affected.
  • Official support for the Vibrant didn't occur until 7.1, which was Gingerbread. It's really hard to say if older versions were affected, but I would assume yes (if they exist somewhere still).
  • The announcement states that the issue was fixed and the Vibrant is officially supported at this point.
  • Oh duh, I knew it wasn't supported before, and I know I've seen the original version of that announcement but couldn't find it again. Glad they fixed it ... very different from the previous "unresolvable" status. Feb 28, 2012 at 3:59
  • @MatthewRead I can't believe you still have a vibrant and that you are still running TouchWiz. I didn't even revert when the e911 issue was identified. I am now just waiting for official cm9 support. The vibrant also now has a new maintainer for CM since this issue was resolved as I believe the original maintainer had the device, but did not have a working SIM for it as he is not in the US. Feb 28, 2012 at 19:59
  • @RyanConrad I've been extremely happy with Bionix, and CM7.1 was really bad. Definitely going to try CM9 though now that I know I can. Feb 28, 2012 at 20:02

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