My phone's model is sm-g5108q(SAMSUNG G5108Q Galaxy Core Max).

I'm going to install custom recovery on my phone. But I can't found custom recovery package suitable my phone. So I prepare custom recovery package similar version.

  1. Installing custom recovery will erase data?
  2. Is there any problem others?
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    It will not wipe data; however, using an image for another device is always a dangerous (if it flashes at all) idea. – Andy Yan Aug 5 '18 at 16:56

The installation itself will not erase any user data, but to boot a custom system image or custom recovery, your bootloader needs to be unlocked. If it isn't already, then unlocking the bootloader will erase all user data.

Note also that it is generally not possible to use a system image or recovery that was prepared for a different phone. Samsung in particular tends to release two completely different phone models under the same marketing name. Commonly one has an SM- model number like yours, and the other has a GT- model number. ROMs made for one model will not work at all on the other model.

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