So I plug in my android box and it does (Image 1). https://i.stack.imgur.com/CQ0Bo.jpg

Then it goes to (Image 2). https://i.stack.imgur.com/23EJS.jpg

The blue sphere does a quarter turn then stops and nothing happens. I have left it for 24h on that screen (Image 2) to see if anything happens and it does nothing, not even spin.

I have also tried to boot into Recovery Mode by pressing down the reset button and then powering on the box. No matter how long I hold the reset button it just goes to Image 2 and stays that way.

I have contacted the company to see if there was a fix and the gave me the software (USB Burning Tool, Driver Assistant) and the iso file. USB Burning Tool can't find my android box. I also made a bootable sd card as per the conversation I had with them, so when I insert the sd card into the box and plug in the box, that it will automatically boot into the card and fix the problem. That also didn't work.

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